Saturday, January 31, 2009


“The Maraboo Man was lost, tossed into a time vortex to a random point in space and time, The assassin known now to be Cid Overdrive is in possession of the Mon-Kaputal, and to make matters worse you and I are stranded here in the western continent, on which most is barren. Oh, and Cid has invoked the spiritual Rettek granting him the strength and control over the planar voids.” Max said, crossing his arms and pausing to confirm with Jonee. “Have I left anything out Jonee?” asked Max. After a few minutes of computing .. “That seems to be everything” replied Jonee. “Shit,” so then answered Max. Then as if stricken by the thought he shouted, “Well then, west it is!” running into the setting sun. They ran on through the night, resting when necessary. When the morning sky rose brilliant blue, and the party awoke, the journey continued as the minds of Max Greyshields and Jonee Obvious bore need for any prospect of hope. Until the orb of the sun made its way into the weft of the mid-day sky, when from its absence came a swell in the air and a silver streak, which caught and mimicked the turned light, bent at will. A sound of intense high frequency was hurled from the tare in the canvas of the sky. From within the tare there came an object. The object flashed and fell crashing onto the ground below, and as it did so the tare sealed itself up again as if springing back from being bent. The object landed approximately 300 yards from the feet of Jonee Obvious. Stunned, the two ran towards the now flaming object, which now emitted a foul smelling smoke into the air. By the time they reached the object the flames had died down and the smoke had cleared, revealing a vehicle of some type, the word MULE was discernable across the charred surface of the vessel. Without warning the hatch opened. From the hatch issued forth a burly man dressed a large brimmed hat, coupled with a flowing cloak-like coat, and spiked tipped boots. His mustache and beard the color of his shoulder length red hair. His eyes were shielded with reflective sunglasses and in his grimacing mouth lay a toothpick. “You boys need a lift?” said the stranger, the desert floor stirring as he did so. “I saw yall stranded here, reckoned ya might be needin’ a ride.” Continued the stranger. “Yeah! Thanks.” Replied Jonee gleefully. “Where did you come from?” asked Max “Well,” began the stranger. “from the looks of ya, it looks like yall are the ones Yargasf sent me to pick up…yall know Yargasf right?” concluded the stranger. “ who ?” asked Jonee. “weve never heard of Yargasf. Who is he?” inquired Max “Aint ever heard a Yargasf ? Yall are headin’ to to Vojirifen aintchya?” “where?” asked Jonee. “Look just get in the damned hatch. You can ask all the questions ya want on the way, its gonna be a while.” Said the stranger extending his arms towards the darkened innards of the vessel. Max feeling slightly suspicious used an ancient Gravity Mage technique, calling apon an instinct parallel to that of the All and found that although he may be suspicious, he had no choice. They entered the vessel and closed the hatch. The cockpit was furnished with plush seating and Jonee and Max found their passage quite pleasurable. They traveled on the ground of the desert, although the ride felt as smooth as if they were flying. This for some reason bothered Max, so he spoke. “Can’t this thing fly?” he asked. “Ah, very observational of ya, there.” Said the stranger. “Well ya see, she can fly, nut to go where were goin, I need to drive.” He said shifting a gear post as he did so. As he did so he motioned out in front where stood mountains, but upon close inspection revealed a series of mirrors reflecting the ground below. As they came even closer still it was revealed that there was in fact no mountain at all, but instead of mountains there was a system of mirrors which was in reality a hidden fortress, miles long. “Is that our destination?” asked Jonee. “Yup, sure is.” Replied the stranger. “The great city of Vojirifen.” He said “A lot bigger’n it looks, its actually miles long, and hours away. Three hours to be exact.” He finished. “So, you say this Yargasf sent you to pick us up?” asked Max. “More or less.” Replied the stranger. “Yargasf is one a them there Oracles, wise man, n’ creepier n’ hell if yask me.. Still he’s a nice enough guy.” “Well perhaps then WE should get aquainted,” spoke Jonee. “I am Jonee Obvious and this is one Max Greyshields. “At your service.” Finished Max. “You lads can call me The Cowboy Man.” Relied the stranger. “Fair enough.” Said Max. And so it remained silent for the majority of the journey towards Vojirifen city. All in view was desolation, a wasteland, barren and sullen. What marveled Jonee and Max the most however, was that the city remained undetected to even the likes of the Neo-Byros. Before long it became clear that the M.U.L.E. and its passengers, were in drawling precociously near to the huge mirrored gates of the illustrious city. The now gigantic gates bore now no resemblance to its mountainous apperance, which it had when viewed from afar. The sun was ravishing all in its domain, enforcing the wrath of its heat and hypnotic stare. “This vehicle of yours,” began Max. “Ah, interrupted The Cowboy Man almost wisely, “Mule, she’s a Motorized, Utility, L-space, Explorer, get it, M.U.L.E.!” he said, pausing briefly, cocking is head slightly for a moment of thought collection. “ She’s an omni-transport, one of a kind. Aint no terrain she can’t handle.” He said tapping the dashboard affectionately. “Yup, be it land, water, air or L-space.”

Friday, January 30, 2009

Nether Realms - 2006

Travels through the fabric of L-space, Myriad worlds and sounds.

1. Cosmic Shuttle Voyage 6:25
2. Space Landscape :40
3. Acceleration Situation Alpha 12:19
4. Forrest Acid Dance 13:21
5. Nether Realms 24:51

Auro Byru - 2006

Space maifesto telling the tale of the origin of the gods and the all plane. Based on the AURO BYRU or the Kelmarian book of the universe. the origins of the seven spiritual entities are sonicly transcribed.

1. Resume Feed 1:29
2. Auro Byru 36:35
recorded at the SPOT NJC 2006

Mission Statement

Citizens of the modern age. We few from the future hold this bastion of hope and light for all those seeking the warmth of truth. Here you will find all that may shok and educate through the blistering void of numb reality.Pictures,words and sounds will be unlocked within, holding virtue and transcendence for the Time Receptive Agents Kineticly Engaged.